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Tyler and Diandra both grew up in the construction industry. They quickly decided they wanted to raise their family in the same type of family business atmosphere.

Tyler has years of construction experience, starting at age 13, he helped his friends family in the custom boat building industry. He then started working with his Dad at the age of 15 building custom homes and having over 100 home renovations under his belt before the age of 20. The next few years were spent in college studying construction management acquiring the tools to run a successful construction company. After completing the State of Hawaii exam for his general contracting license he has completed over 40 custom homes in the past few years for clients all over the Kona Coast of Hawaii.

Diandra has a background in construction and finance. Loves to design and build. Although she has no formal training she has a natural talent and is self-taught designer.

“I love taking old materials and ‘finds’ and bring them back to life. I love this chance to work with my family and be a mother and a business owner. My passion is helping others and serving my community. Our business allows me to do all of these things. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to build for other families in the most beautiful place on earth.” ~ Diandra Dickinson

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